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MSTEM3 Overview

Returning the American Dream

Manufacturing is crucial to the economy of both the State of Indiana and the United States.  However, there is an emerging crisis in manufacturing due to the accelerated retirement of the current workforce and a “skills gap” in the young people needed to refresh the manufacturing workforce.  

 In order to prepare for a career in manufacturing, students need an education that includes science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines with a manufacturing focus.To address this challenge Purdue University has launched the M-STEM3 K-12 education program.  

M-STEM3 stands for Motorsports STEM for Manufacturing and Medicine. Motorsports provides the ‘cool’ needed to engage young people in the STEM disciplines.  The manufacturing and medical industries provide the career pull for young people with appropriate STEM skills – well-paying careers for individuals with BS/MS degrees or Associate degrees or high school degrees with appropriate industry certification.   The initial focus of M-STEM3 is on STEM for Manufacturing.

The M-STEM3 program includes industry, academic and community partners.  Specific objectives include rehabilitating the perception of the skilled artisan, changing the perception of today’s manufacturing environment, and most important, providing teachers with the educational materials needed to prepare their students them for well-paying, exciting careers in the manufacturing industries.

The M-STEM3 web site is a focal point for manufacturing educational material – a place where teachers, students and parents can come and find out about materials that they can access for educational materials with a manufacturing focus.  The links below provide information and connection to a number of educational products for manufacturing education.

MSTEM3 Grant

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